First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

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Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

Post by Shade1337 » 06 Jun 2019, 16:41

Tyrone wrote:
Shade1337 wrote:
i would rank us on the rank 1 or 2 spot. reason being is no other site has such user friendly ui with a search engine this precise.

yea ok gotcha right mhm yup

Don't make me spanky spanky assy assy

Btw to all of u guys since you should shift to the Discord server boost us after joining! That way you will get cats all exclusive feet set containing the finest and purest of feet there is

lol no need tweety cited this comment as a reason for demodding me already

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

Post by Tyrone » 04 Jun 2019, 15:03

Shade1337 wrote:
i would rank us on the rank 1 or 2 spot. reason being is no other site has such user friendly ui with a search engine this precise.

yea ok gotcha right mhm yup

Don't make me spanky spanky assy assy

Btw to all of u guys since you should shift to the Discord server boost us after joining! That way you will get cats all exclusive feet set containing the finest and purest of feet there is

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

Post by Shade1337 » 02 Jun 2019, 13:39

i would rank us on the rank 1 or 2 spot. reason being is no other site has such user friendly ui with a search engine this precise.

yea ok gotcha right mhm yup

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

Post by Dante » 31 May 2019, 19:51

He is a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for the answers.

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

Post by Tyrone » 31 May 2019, 07:28

Cat you are a pedo

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - DEADLINE: 20 APRIL

Post by Tweety » 31 May 2019, 06:48

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Why is cat so cute?

it's just your imagination

Code: Select all

When is Tsumino 2.0 expected to come out?
I'm not even really sure what you two have planned when it comes to new features. Like, 100% set in stone. I just know that the UI is probably gonna change and there'll probably be lots of bug fixes. New tags? Return of the points system? Adding more types of content? Not to mention the countless suggestions in the suggestion thread.

the next update is essentially tsumino 2.0, every suggestion we see does get taken into consideration and put on the roadmap for future development.

UI will probably not change, maybe a few tweaks but nothing more than that.

we do have a few bugs but they are related to server issues, we have grown far too quickly in a short space which causes downtimes. tsu servers were adjusted several times as a temporary fix but we need something more permanant which is tba.

im happy to say, point system will be a feature that we will have, this will tie into some more cool features we will have.

-notifications per tag/tag combo/artist/paradoy (subscribe to these)
-hide blacklisted tagged doujins
-unlimited lists/lists items
-exclude favourites/excluse lists from searches
-discord status/role/on site role
-monthly username changes
-blacklist everything, artists/parodies/categories(edited)
-blog (for us)
-merge lists
-search your own lists/favourites/many lists(edited)
-page style options, double page, right => left, left => right
-hottest this week/month/year
-save queries
-hall of fame
-super cool reader
-point system
-downloads tying to points
-donater status

these are just a few of the things that are coming, but the most important task on the roadmap is something you wont physically see, and thats a redo of our entire structure. a recode is required to scale, as i said before, we are growing too fast, too quickly. so before anything new gets added, this will be the main task at hand.

one last thing i can say is android and ios apps are coming soon, this will be tied to all the new features.

Code: Select all

Can we spruce up the forums?
I kind of wanna revive the interest in forums somehow, but I'm not really sure besides trying to make new and interesting topics people would be interested in. Maybe forum badges? Though, I only ask for forum badges cause I'm a slut for stupid reward stuff. It's why I want the points system back. In a perfect world, my reward for my thousands of uploads would be bukkakes or orgies with me at the center every weekend, but we can't always get what we want, right? :oops:

to be completely honest, all operations are done on discord, its just so much better, and instant. so no, we wont be doing anything to the forum except remove it in when we make our updates. everything will be moved to discord.

IRC might be something we may look at to replace the forum if theirs demand.

Code: Select all

Finally, where do babies come from?
I'm too much of a buttslut to know, but how are babies made anyways? I know the dick goes into an orifice and then shoots its nasty payload in there, but I'm not 100% sure on how it works. I've been trying so long with my mouth and butt, but I can't seem to get pregnant. Please send me a 10 page essay on the reproductive capabilities of a buttslut. Thanks. :lol:

you might be able to push a baby out of your weiner.

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can there be a "recommended for you" section based on stuff you liked before?
there are so many great uploads every day and i cant decide what to read because i save some comics once in a while
and then new interesting ones pop on the homepage and making me read them instead of what i saved for later and just making me make my saved for later list even longer.
the only things i dont like are yaoi and futa on male so i cant filter alot and have a lot of stuff i would love to read.

we have a similar feature to the recommend for you, and thats the recommended section on a book page if you scroll down, it recommends books based on the one you are looking at.

Code: Select all

What are each of the staff member's fetishes? (like a list for each, if you don't mind sharing)

this is the kind of question you can ask on discord, some chat to the team and other tsu members =>

Code: Select all

1. How would you personally compare Tsumino with other hentai manga sites?

2. How good do you think Tsumino is at replacing the "old site"?

3. Is there any possibility of new tags being added in the future?

4. What are your Top 5 favourite tags?

5. What is your opinion on Reverse NTR/Cuckqueaning?

6. Pantyhose, Thighhighs or Spats?

1. i would rank us on the rank 1 or 2 spot. reason being is no other site has such user friendly ui with a search engine this precise.
2. insanely good, crazy features while retaining what the old site was about. keeping it clean and having strict moderation on our books, giving us a clean library.
3. yes, new tags can be suggested on the forums in the relevant section or in discord.
4. i dont really read doujins but probably netori & catgirl umu.
5. i think some other mods can take this question lol.
6. thigh highs, apparently some people worship those religiously.

Code: Select all

Can you guys make the profiles a little more customizable (and clickable from a comment)? It could be minimal changes like allowing the user to display what tags they like and stuff. Also, more tags are always better. :lol:

im not sure what we are going to do with the profiles yet, priority is given to site features over user profiles right now, ill sleep on it or maybe ask you guys in the future how you'd like it to work.

Code: Select all

Where does the money come from to pay for the server costs?

Can we expect a "premium user" thingy for people that want to donate money for the costs or something similar?

If the first question is answered with something along the lines of: "We pay it ourselves" or "This site doesn't make money" then I have another question: Why? Why would you put your own money into this?

Also, cats or dogs?

tsumino servers for the first 2-3 years were paid out of pocket by the admins, right now we have ads to ease the dent we took from the start.

"premium/donator" is something thats in the works right now. all features will be retained for all registered accounts, premium members will get enhanced access to some features ie subscribe to artists/tags, premium reader etc it'll be made to be dirt cheap so everyone can afford and contribute should they wish. people that dont want to or cant, will still have all the awesome features the site provides.

were not a company where we can get funded, or plastor malicious ads and kill user experience like the other sites, our users come first so if denting the bank to give users a better experience, then so be it. of course, its a temporary solution, hopefully the continued ads and donator/premium status will be enough for us to focus on tsumino more. we also want to see the site succeed in this niche, so thats a motivation.

CATS. you'll know this if you see my discord name.

Code: Select all

Will you guys add a "innocent sex"(is that a thing?) When someone doesn't know anything about sex and then other one uses that to trick them to have sex. Example: ... i-watching

you'll need to submit a tag request in discord or in the forum.

Code: Select all

Who's the favorite artist of each admin?

neither admins really read doujins, but probably have to say noise.

Code: Select all

Same. Im curious as to how things have been panning out.
Whats on the priority list of new things for the site?
Whats your workspace look like?
When is your CatGirl creation machine going to be finished?

main priorty is to get a recode of the site so we can scale better, then the following;

-notifications per tag/tag combo/artist/paradoy (subscribe to these)
-hide blacklisted tagged doujins
-unlimited lists/lists items
-exclude favourites/excluse lists from searches
-discord status/role/on site role
-monthly username changes
-blacklist everything, artists/parodies/categories(edited)
-blog (for us)
-merge lists
-search your own lists/favourites/many lists(edited)
-page style options, double page, right => left, left => right
-hottest this week/month/year
-save queries
-hall of fame
-super cool reader
-point system
-downloads tying to points
-donater status

if by workspace you mean at home where tsu is being dev'd? you can come into discord and chat with us, both admins posted rigs and pictures of our set ups.

the cat girl machine torch has been handed to elon musk, you need to ask him now.

Code: Select all

how can i see my favourites???and my lists???

in your account page.

Code: Select all

Is the comment section gonna be expanded on? For now you just kinda comment and hope you remember, which makes it hard for me to debate that spats ARE BETTER THAN THIGH HIGHS (You know who you are.)

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Flat or Plot?

Favorite hentai (Not doujin or manga)?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your pain?

How do you deal with human scum littering the forum and comment sections? Granted, we're all scum but you get my point right?

Just in case you answered wrong before, FLAT or plot.

What that mouth do?

regarding the comment section and any user personilazation, im not sure what needs to be done. if you'd like to suggest something, let us know in the suggestions forum or discord.

i would murder a baby for a klondike bar.


not really a hentai person!

8, life is hard.

people that spread scum are generally ignored, addressed in a manner to show that they aren't write, deleted or we take it as constructive criticism.

my mouth is innocent.

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I'm curious about that as well. Really wish I had money to spare so I could donate some myself.

On to questions.
1) Guro or Ryona?

2) What would you say is the most read artist on the site?

3) The world is about to be destroyed by an asteroid and you have a spot on the last ship to leave the planet. You can take 1 doujin or H-manga with you. What will your choice be?

1. neither lol

2. we actually have the stats for those, and ocassionally share them on our discord, if you wanna know, you can ask their.

3. a noise tank

Code: Select all

Are you planning on creating a patron account? If not why? I woild gladly donate :D and a patreon would make it easier and more accesible than bitcoins.

our patreon got taken down by F! so no, we will have a donation system in place for the updates.

Code: Select all

Can you add the function of showing two pages on screen?

yes, that will be part of the new reader updates coming.

Code: Select all

A place where you can track and view your Favorites would be really nice.

it's in the advanced search.

Code: Select all

What does the future for Tsumino look like? And by that, I mean, what does it take to prevent you from taking the Fakku route (I'm not paying 1 fucking cent)? I'd happily donate tho, but I'm not going to fuck around with Bitcoin. I understand that this isn't necessarily legal and you'd piss off a lot of people if you'd start making money by doing this, but I just... I can't lose this site after the painfull loss of Fufufuu and having Fakku sell out to the yakuza, while Hitomi went and started serving malware via their ads...

our future is pretty simple. we stay how we are and operate the way we are right now. have no plans of selling out or putting cancerous ads for money, the ones we have are fine. donation system will be implemented, you guys will run the site!

Code: Select all

For the english community, this is the best site. The tagging and browsing systems are absolutely perfect. The only downside is that we cannot validate uploaded contents fast enough but that in itself is a merit because we can control contents properly. The UI is the best there is. The loading time is the fastest. No ads. Black background easy on eye. Newest. Oldest. Alphabetical. Rating. Pages. Views. Random. Comments. Popularity (views ratio to rating which I persumed xD). Pinpoint page and rating searching. Easiest UI for uploading. The easiest browse system in the entire fucking world. What more can you ask of this truly perfect site? NOTHING. Except a few of my own ideas and things I think that needed to be improved.
1. We are missing japanese names on a lot things e.g. character's names ( Kurumi Tokisaki / ? ) same to all others parodies, titles, collections ( artists, groups might a bit stretch since it would require too much to improve on them).
2. For japanese tags like gokkun, I think we need to have japanese name attached to them as well for maximum productivity ( Gokkun / ? ) ( Maebari/ ? ). Well, ( NEET / Hikkikomori ) ( English Name / Japanese Name ) ( Large Breasts / Oppai )
( Creampie / Nakadashi ) ( English / Japan ) would be an improvement since we are an english site afterall.
3. Clensing: I think we have too many mangas that are not well-drawn and not too many people would have an interest in it or fap to it. So I think we ought to separate them with a new art rating system by the mods since mods are the ones validating the uploads anyway so I think mods should rate them. A new search system mod rating will suffice. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 would be a bit boring so I think pinned comment by the mods would be fun because you don't need to rate everything. You just comment on something that leaves an impression on you. That way we can properly divide good stuffs from the bad stuffs. Although the rating system already is enough, I just want this to be implemented so we can be more engaged and have more fun xD and also mods' pinned comments system will remove all others except the ones mods comments on so it is unlike rating, an entirely new way to separate things.
4. Next is the tag option where you can choose tags to blacklist and lovelist. Adding characters, parodies, collections, artists, uploaders would be plus. We don't need hatetags for these. Just a search function to add favorites to the list so we can just find them whenever. Like a bookmark.
5. Adaptation tag for mangas that are made into Hentai Anime.
And my questions are these.
1. Do you like my suggestions and will you improve on them or not?
2. And are you cereal guy, the owner of the site because you keep changing your name? I am seriously confused.
3. Do you intend on making tsumino become the biggest hentai website? Because I sure do.

1. i think these suggestions are great, they will defo improve user experience. these should be put in the suggestions forum or discord.
2. we both have a forum alias and a discord alias lol, but no im not cereal guy.
3. yes, for both doujins and hentai.

Code: Select all

I have a few more I'd like to add.

1) What is the biggest problem you've faced since starting the site?

2) What is the averavge data transfer amount for the site per month?

3) What is the average monthly cost for running the site?

1. scaling. we grew WAY too fast, way too quickly. doing temp fixes can only get us so far.

2. more than the average human will use in his life time, compared to 1 month of tsu traffic.

3. we cant really give away these numbers. people always get upset that we dont disclose this information, but its the same as asking a stranger how much he earns, how much he pays etc. we admins are a little more reserved and think a little more traditionally i guess. it's a respect thing, unless you're super close?

to put it bluntly, quite a bit. you'd be suprised.

Code: Select all

when are you going to answer the questions?


Code: Select all

Plot or Justice?

plot umu.

Code: Select all

What are the deepest, darkest secrets of the Tsumino site and Tsumino Discord? (Yes I'm talking about the elusive cerealguy)

we both come from a similar background, but its no real secret. i guess our discord is a little more dark. you'll find weird people here, law enforcement etc. but it's hella fun. tsumino site doesnt have any secrets to be honest.

Code: Select all

1. Top 5 genres
2. Top 5 Artists
3. Where do you get your funds for paying the server?
4. Will there be a tag for traps?
5. Will there be a recommended section based on liked tags?

1/2. we dont really read doujins, but catgirl & netori + noise.
3. out of pocket for first few years, now we have ads to help out.
4. we have a tag for `trap`.
5. could do something like that for sure, post it in the suggestions section or in our discord. we have the recommended books in a book page also.

Code: Select all

I hear there are actual females on this site. Is this true, and if so, How do I find them in real life?

we have a ton of girls on tsu discord, if you wanna meet them in real life, go outside and be yourself.

Code: Select all

When we get https://?

we already have https, we dont enforce it though for certain reasons. you can just navigate to to use it.

Code: Select all

Will we ever get a "feels" tag or something similar? Sometimes, I don't want a doujin to touch my dick but instead touch my heart.

probably is something like this already, check out the definitions.

Code: Select all

How's about including a slideshow option?

drop it in the suggestions on forum or discord, can be looked into.

Code: Select all

I had a search of the forums and not found an answer so I'll try here.

Possible request/feature add/...dunno what else:

I've noticed the images hosted on this site are quite large (good thing) but thats' only when I right click > view image. When viewing each page as standard it's compressed into the dimensions required of the website design, making it a bit small. Is there a way to widen the borders of the site to allow the images to be "full sized"? (I'm not talking about double page spreads though, I am aware there's a chrome extension someone posted that allows double pages to load fullsize)

Thanks in advance for any info/help :)

will be part of our new reader, stay tuned.

Code: Select all

ok my questions.. some of it are related to comment section cuz lol the tension there is higher than the forums because he's annoying af and people keep on mentioning his name all over the comment section or sometimes in IRC...

1. who the fuck is DomBB?

2. is he a bot made by someone?

3. not really sure if he can get banned or nah and i think he's keeping the balance on this site. is this fact true?

4. do he even read the uploads before commenting on saying "first!" for no particular reason?

5. how long did he he keeps on doing this? since the beginning of this site?

ok my other question.

1. the site can be approve translated to english only doujins?

2. what's the difference between yaoi and trap... seems different for me.

3. vanilla means feels right?

1. dombb was a user who posted first on every book comments, this lead to people hating him but he turned into a living meme for tsumino. imo, it was great and funny. however, a rogue mod banned him for it, which was wrong so i unbanned him and apologized.

2. a real person!

3. you're free to do whatever you want, including posting first on the comments. a mod banned him cos this hurt his feelings unfortunately.

4. no idea, he is on the forum so ask him yourself.

5. i think for a good few months, no clue really.


1. yes, we are english only. if theirs enough demand, we can do multi languages, will require a lot of work.

2. we have the definitions for that lol

3. vanilla means without any kinks =>

Code: Select all

Hi I'm liking the new updated website. I didn't mind the old search function but I can understand why it changed.
I didn't like the old "in progress" or "completed" feature too much but it was ok once I got used to it.

One thing I'd like to ask is...
Since the "in progress" and "completed" feature has been removed.
Would it be possible to have a feature that allowed us to easily see if a doushin is already in our lists?

For example: A similar "Love" or "Hate" tag (on the pre-view image during browsing) to indicate you already have it on a list. Maybe on the left side of the image preview?
Or if possible a way to remove doushin's that are already on your lists. (E.g. Exclude all lists from the search, in the same way you can exclude a tag)
That way we can view doushin's that we don't already have saved or have read.

When we had the features "in progress" the doushin would turn yellow and "completed" doushin's would turn green during browsing. However that has now been removed.
I still love the site it's just I believe this would help reduce the need to constantly load several doushins only to realize that they are on one of your lists.

On a side note I may be asking for a lot here but...
Any plans on allowing us to completely remove blacklisted tags from the search (I.e. from the main page)?
I don't ever want to see Guro, Yaoi or a few other tags. I have that many blacklisted I cannot simply add them to the exclude on every search.
I may have asked for this before and I'm sorry if I'm beating a dead horse.

progress feature is back now.
you can remove blacklisted tags using the experiment feature.

Code: Select all

when a new tag is added, how are they implemented to new and old doujins? does someone go around on all old doujins adding the new tag to applicable old doujins? or the new tags only get used on newly uploaded doujins? or the new tag gets added only when someone just stumbles upon an old doujin they thought they'd edit?

both. for every new tag thats added, mods spend days, weeks, even months retagging books. this is why tags need to be meaningful and worthwhile.

Code: Select all

Any chance you guys might add a two page and fullscreen reading mode?


yes, we will have a new reader for this.

Code: Select all

Can we have mark as completed in a button?

Since "in progress" and "completed" is disabled and re-enabled. It kinda hard for me to know which manga I have read already.
This feature should save me from clicking on last page to mark my manga as completed
I don't know where "mark as completed" button should be at tho.

great idea, drop it in the suggestions.

Code: Select all

What happened to the remove upload button after you upload something? Was it removed and if so will it be coming back I found it kind of useful just in case if I messed something up or something so I can just cancel it my self and replace it.

good question, come ask our mods in the discord. im not sure if this is a problem anymore though.

Code: Select all

Can you use invisible recaptcha?

because that requires the captcha system to be site-wide, and if you have adblock/noscript etc then you won't be able to pass the captcha. so majority of our users wont be able to use the site.

Code: Select all

Why do you do this?
I mean, this is an ad-free site with tons of free hentai for us to enjoy.
What do you guys gain from this, other than my unending gratitude and respect?

its a fun project, and growing something you've created from nothing is kind of amazing where its this big. we do have ads now though lol.

Code: Select all

Is it possible to put the name of the series that's open in the tab in the title of that tab? It's just a convenience thing, since it helps with identifying tabs in the browser.

drop it in the suggestions, can do this easily and its a good idea for sure.

Code: Select all

how to become an uploader?

message a moderator, its super easy. faster response if you are on discord though.

Code: Select all

Two questions: Why no translator credits (if known, if not, ''Anonymous'')?
Will .torrent files be added some day (especially for FAKKU)?

credits are generally on the credits page of each book, tagging our entire lbirary and doing research on who the translators are is too intense.

Code: Select all


Why can't I go to my account? I wanted to make a list of my favorites, but everytime I try to go to my account or save to a list, it returns an error. Too many redirects it says.
Any help please? I got too many tabs open because cant save them on a list.

Thanks :3

hop on discord and dm an admin, these things should be ironed out though.

Code: Select all

i cannot upload to the site. there is no contribute option anymore, is there a way to request doujins now?

message a moderator to aquire upload permissions. you can request in discord or the upload request thread.

Code: Select all

Are traps gay?


Code: Select all

Can I post to the "Doujin Hunt Request" page if I don't have a specific hentai in mind, but I'm looking for any hentai that contains some subject too specific to fit in "tags," but general enough that there's likely at least a few hentai that fit that description?

If not, where should I post such a request? Is there a particular board where those should go?

For an example of what I mean, say I want to find a hentai featuring special panties that, due to some aphrodisiac or magic spell, make the wearer incredibly, desperately horny. I've never actually read that hentai, but it probably exists somewhere because it combines some pretty common aspects of hentai (panties and extreme arousal). There's a pretty good chance somebody here has seen something along those lines, but I'm not looking for one in particular as I've never seen it myself. On which board should I post something like that? How likely am I to get a good response? (And speaking of, have you seen anything along the lines of my example?)

we have a recommendations channel on our discord for exactly this.

Code: Select all

I looked and couldn't find an answer or figure it out experimentally but is there currently a difference between hate list == black list yes/no? I can't notice one.

edit: not deleting in case other people search the forum for blacklist but since I've added more (any) tags to love list it's now quite clear, hate list == black list yes makes it so a hated tag overrides a loved tag.

try the experimental feature, that should work for you.

Code: Select all

I can't seem to be able to add entries to a list any more. I can remove them, but when I add them, it doesn't take.

we have caps on lists, you'll have a way to increase the limits soon.

Code: Select all

I just wanted to ask . after this ,, this site will take monthly money for user to read ? (sorry bad english) is there anything i can do beside donating ? i can find people to donate ..i dont know how to donate :(

no, it will be 100% free, donators will receive some extra perks as a thank you.

Code: Select all

Hi everyone! :D I've been here with Tsumino ever since pururin shut down, but this is my first time to ever post in a forum like this. I really like Tsumino a lot, being able to choose what you want, what you do not want from the doujin, able to search what tags you want, what doujins you haven't finished yet, etc. :D

Anyways, my questions are: why can't I save doujins to My Stuff? Is there really a max capacity of saving doujins? My last saved doujin was January 5, 2018. If I remove some doujins, will I be able to save doujins now? Or for example: let's say you have 5 files that contains 5,000+ doujins, if i removed that 1 file, will i be able to put 5,000 new doujins?

Thanks for answering Tsumino. Take care wherever you are and always fap but not too much :lol:

we have limits, if you exceeded the cap before the cap was in place, you might need to remove a lot more. in that instance, message an admin to get your list fixed. we shouldnt have these issues anymore though. it seems like the trial of messages after yours resolved your issues anyway, woop.

Code: Select all

How the hell does these damn 500+ page CG shit go for quality doujin? I could have sworn that this sites go was to be a source of exclusive and high quality scan doujin/hentai manga.

I know I'm no admin. But the quality has been rolling down per batch uploads for a little while. Unlike when you all first started uploading and filling out the website.

personally, i hate the cg books as well, wanted to remove them completely but few of the other mods convinced me to keep them on board, still not happy though.

regarding the quality of books, thats just the books that are being released publicly but scanlators/translators/artists themselves, nothing to do with us.

Code: Select all

I'll like to ask where is the contribute function? I would like to upload some stuff for this community. Thanks.

message a mod on discord for upload permissions.

Code: Select all

Hi I'm new to this site and I want to ask few things.

1. How to be an uploader and how to upload my translation?
2. I am my own man. I do translation, typesetting, and editing alone. Can't I really upload it without being in a group?
3. Can I upload unfinished work? I finish 3/8 pages of a work. And I want to see the reception first. If it's good, I will continue if it's not I won't (Cause translating alone is a hassle)

Please answer. Thank you very much.

1. message a mod on discord
2. you dont need to be in a group to upload, can just use your own name
3. you can but only completed work will be publicly avaliable for all to see

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Is it possible to create a Male/Female deviation on things like the "Muscle" tag?
If i want to see some sporty girls, i'd rather not have to wade through hairy man abs to find them.

post this in the suggestions channel on discord or on the tag suggestions forum.

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Could you make a shotadom tag?

post this in the suggestions channel on discord or on the tag suggestions forum.

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It has been a long while that tsumino became my official doujin corner every day and night... And i would like to ask a question:

When are you going to put a synopsis in every title...

If there is some sort of planning... When can I volunteer?

we will not put synopsis for every book, thats not physically possible lol. books themselves dont have them so we will need to make one ourselves.
you can always help upload by requesting upload permissions to a mod on discord.

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So how do you apply profile pic in your account? Because I tried Gravatar and theres no change

gravatar is working fine now, issues have been resolved.

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When are you going to be done with some maintainence?

so regarding this download maintainence...

initially we tried to make it work, however, due to the rapid growth of the site, downloads starting causing downtime for us. this is why they have been disabled.

"but admins, its been so long why hasnt it been fixed?"

the fix for the downloads isnt easy. its a scaling issue, we need to do a whole recode of the infastructure. thats why its been delayed forever, because time isnt something we could put in since both admins have day jobs and other commitments. however, its something that is coming back with the next update after a a brand new update. thank you for being patient, i know a lot of people have been wanting this for a while but its either no downloads for a while or the site having downtime every day.

downloads WILL be back with our next major update.

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Can we post our art work on here

make a new forum thread in everything/anything or post in our discord, we have an artist channel.

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Can there be a tag for penetration through clothes? For things like this:

post this in the suggestions channel on discord or on the tag suggestions forum.

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its not kinda bothered but can you put a full screen option on every page when reading a doujin ? i know we can enlarge the page but it would be great that we can read it in full screen for mobile only actually :lol:

this will be part of the new reader we plan to implement.

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So, what happened to Fakku collection on this website. Did it got DMCA'd ?

they arent accessible for reasons we cant go into detail for, but you guys kinda get the picture. they'll return soon.

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When will merch be coming out?

merch is something we wanted to do for a while but couldnt for legal reasons, its in our priority list now though. will be here with the next update so everything goes boom at once.

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Why are way less doujinshis being approved since quite some time? This site used to be so active, uploading a lot of doujinshis daily, now it's but a shadow of what it used to be. Is Tsumino dying?

doujins are still being approved but not at the rate it was before. before we had a new front page everyday but after doing some stat analysis, showing us avg time people spend, how many books they look at, how much time they spend on the site etc it was counter effective to have a new front page a day. when we had new front page everyday, books on the last 2 last usually get less views but are searched later. not everyone makes it through the entire front page everyday, so they miss tags that are on their liked list. it was a silly idea to begin with, now we approve at a rate the mods see fit, depending on the time, season, holidays etc to make it fitting for everyone, or at least, the majority.

no we are not dying, we are still growing at an alarming rate and have been over the last few years, since we launched. every downtime we get means we reached another all time high, meaning we do an upgrade.

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Found this update on the last day nice 8-)

1.Anyway this has been asked a million times but i don't think we got a straight yes or no, so is there any possibility of the Fakku stuff coming back, and if not maybe a txt of my old favs? Or maybe even a secret sad panda style tsumino where those titles are in? lol

2.Is this new update for Tsumino gonna affect the books read lists, favorites etc. should i make a backup?

3. Another question about the Fakku stuff but a different one this time, what exactly changed for them to have to be removed? I remember way back when you guys first started uploading Fakku stuff they sent you guys a DMCA and you guys just memed it and ignored it and had no problems with it.

4. Lolis or Milfs?

5. Is the videos thing still going to be supported?

1. yes. as for the lists, probably not as you'll have your old librarys refilled.

2. no, we make daily backups lol, you're fine.

3. its not something i can disclose without harming ourselves, im sure you understand.

4. lolis.

5. we have videos live!

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - DEADLINE: 20 APRIL

Post by Deltascourge » 22 May 2019, 04:43

Man I can't wait for the deadline of 20th of April 2020 to happen

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - DEADLINE: 20 APRIL

Post by Tyrone » 19 May 2019, 09:42

EcchiRider wrote:Not sure if this was asked already, but will the download button ever return, or...?

Don't stop believing

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - DEADLINE: 20 APRIL

Post by EcchiRider » 14 May 2019, 20:43

Not sure if this was asked already, but will the download button ever return, or...?

Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - DEADLINE: 20 APRIL

Post by LordXamon » 13 May 2019, 05:10

I do not care if there is no more fakku content, but I definitely want to know the lost doujin of my lists. Even if it's just a flat txt with the result of the query or something.