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Re: Tag Suggestion/Discussion 4.0

Postby Throwaway290 » 15 Jul 2019, 08:25

New tag: Mothering

Description: Boy (can also be a girl?) rests on a girls lap sucking her tits, while she gives the boy a handjob.

Why: Searching with beast sucking + handjob doesnt work, because obviously these two things can happen separetly, and the point of this tag is to get scenes where they are happening at same time basically.

http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/17607/ ... akuya-san- (page 8)
http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/46450/ ... et-please- (page 16)
http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/44103/ ... -dolls-07- (page 10)
http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/43733/ ... om-suzuya- (page 15)
http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/41640/ ... y-room-in- (page 6)

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