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Re: Suggestions thread

Postby ndmp626 » 07 Jul 2019, 07:58

Changing the name of the page for Tag pages would be great. For instance, when you're looking at the Yandere tag, instead of: "Tsumino - Free Premium Doujinshi", make it "Yandere - Tsumino - Doujinshi" or something like that. It'd help for people who like to keep many tabs open.
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Re: Suggestions thread

Postby Bewm747 » 14 Jul 2019, 18:22

Modify the voting system and add 2 cateogies:
1) Art
2) Story/Writing
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Re: Suggestions thread

Postby nekoanime15 » Yesterday, 19:03

I second the 2 part voting system. Sometimes the art is amazing but the story falls short. Then maybe people will just downvote the story of NTR books and not the art. Same with yaoi or non-H things.

I would also like the voting system to be for people who at least read a couple pages of whatever they are voting on. Then maybe it will stop people from downvoting things so excessively that they know they will hate anyway. Also known as people who click things that have their hated tags anyway but choose to downvote just to be a douche.

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