First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

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Re: First Tsumino Q&A - Question gathering - updated 31/05/2019

Postby Shade1337 » 06 Jun 2019, 16:41

Tyrone wrote:
Shade1337 wrote:
i would rank us on the rank 1 or 2 spot. reason being is no other site has such user friendly ui with a search engine this precise.

yea ok gotcha right mhm yup

Don't make me spanky spanky assy assy

Btw to all of u guys since you should shift to the Discord server boost us after joining! That way you will get cats all exclusive feet set containing the finest and purest of feet there is

lol no need tweety cited this comment as a reason for demodding me already
I want a qt yandere watching over me from above at all times.

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