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New ad network

Postby Tweety » 10 Oct 2017, 10:16

People who have been around the forums or here from the beginning know that Tsumino is funded directly out of our own pockets. No pay wall, no ads, and no donations. It's not something we can keep up in the long term. Today we are using a new ad network to allow the site to be self funded and lift a slight burden. We did try other ad networks in the past but for some reason or another, it never worked out. Most ad networks these days are shady and use malicious content and that's not something we like, hence being ad-free for so long. Hopefully this network will be better.

If you do find any malicious ads let us know here. It's important to keep our enjoyable browsing experience but generate a revenue so Tsumino can self sustain. This isn't about making money, it's about sustaining the site on it's own feet. Both admins have jobs outside of Tsumino and other projects to run as well. I'm sure you can understand why this is required.

Please link the url's off malice and we can look into the issues with the new network.



After listening to our users and trying to work with the ad network to fix the malicious links we came to the conclusion to drop the network. Hopefully we can find a better on in the future or a different source. Thanks for your feedback, our user experience is the most important thing to us even if it means paying out of our pockets for a little longer.
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Re: New ad network

Postby MemeLord » 10 Oct 2017, 12:59

I've been getting pop up ads very frequently when I use the site. Not like the one time pop ups on most sites, but once every about two-three minutes when I'm scrolling through the pages, but it doesn't affect me when I'm reading doujins. Is this intended?
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Re: New ad network

Postby AlexTheAbsol » 10 Oct 2017, 14:20

I've been getting ads that redirect to other, sometimes malicious websites every time I click on the browse tab, open a manga or pretty much anything else. I want to support you guys but isn't there a way to do it with less invasive ads?
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Re: New ad network

Postby bogate » 10 Oct 2017, 14:41

Have been here since day 1 and noticed today for the first time that i didnt have adblock enabled for the site. the frequent ads like someone said arent really a problem coz they dont appear while reading, but they either redirect to hardcore gay porn or the 100% malicious sites that dont want you to leave and ask for stuff
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Re: New ad network

Postby rebbitmilner » 10 Oct 2017, 15:36

As a mobile user, I've been using this site since Pururin went down, as I'm sure most people have, and honestly, I've not once seen an ad using this website. However, since last night and this morning, the website layout has looked exactly the same as before, but the moment I try to touch the screen on any new page, another page will open up immediately with several redirect links onto a malicious site. It's as if no ad appears, but there is an invisible one that cannot be avoided being clicked on. This is a very annoying, invasive problem as someone who likes to browse 99% of hentai I read on this site, often reading about a half dozen to a dozen doujins and manga each day. I really like and appreciate the work put into this website, but if I have to be completely frank, I'll have to look elsewhere if it doesn'r change.
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Re: New ad network

Postby nyukun » 10 Oct 2017, 16:10

In my personal opinion, I hate pop up ads. I would much rather have ads on the side of the pages or something like that. It just completely interrupts the entire site experience. If its a possibility to have ads on the left and right sides of the page, or at the bottom of the page, that would be much better. Alternatively, I'd also be willing to pay to have no ads, so if there's an option for that, I would definitely be willing to pay a small monthly payment or make a donation in order to receive no ads.
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Re: New ad network

Postby zahogan » 10 Oct 2017, 18:32

Same as rebbitmilner here, I mostly browse this site with my phone, so every time I touch ANYTHING in the site, it opens another tab that takes me to malware/shady porn sites, honestly, I know that you guys need a way to fund the site, but this ad network with such invasive ads is not the answer. Until you guys manage to somehow solve this, I will probably not visit anymore (for now... I still have my needs, and Tsumino is one of them).
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Re: New ad network

Postby Biodeamon » 10 Oct 2017, 19:32

Pop up ads are appearing way to frequently to be able to read anything... I mean it doesn't even go to the page I was on in the old tab so I have to click twice.
I'd even bedgrudgingly accept a sidebar advert or something, but this is intolerable >:(
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Re: New ad network

Postby unsocial » 10 Oct 2017, 19:33

The new ad network is literally absurd. please find another service to use. With all due respect, I've used you guys because I believe you are better than any website out there because you're self funded. but theres better ways and certainty better ad services.
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Re: New ad network

Postby Lunaloyalist » 10 Oct 2017, 19:43

Did you know that every button as well as the screen itself has it's own individual pop-up ad? Because it does.

This is one of the more invasive ad-works I've encountered and I get around a lot.

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