Merry Christmas. :)

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Merry Christmas. :)

Postby Scarlet Spy » 25 Dec 2017, 07:53


I know I've been talking this a lot on comments already, but really, Merry Chris--


But as sehki would say:

--tmas to all of you. I hope you're enjoying this day as much as we are! :roll:
This is already our 3rd christmas together with you, and I hope to see you here for many many more!

A Big THANK YOU to all our Editors, Moderators, Uploaders, Admins, for all the countless hours of HARD work that you guys have been putting into this,

But of course, a really special THANK YOU for the most important of all, YOU.
Thank you for the amazing year guys, we wouldn't even be here w/o you, u r the best!!

May 2018 bring light to all of our lives, and that we may achieve even greater goals than we intend! :D


Artwork by me ;3

I recommend you guys check out our lovely Christmas tag! I can assure you will find a lotta goddies there. :P

Here's some that I personally recommend, for this jolly day:
You like art? Cool. I like art too! Then why not come check my deviant art or pixiv to see my art!? Thank you, in advance! ^^
Remilia is a cutie.
DO NOT send me upload requests, ask our uploaders for that. ;)
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby sehki » 25 Dec 2017, 12:43

Merry Christmas and a Fappy New Year to all of you~ ;)
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby Narberal4996 » 25 Dec 2017, 16:35

Merry Christmas! Merry all year round.
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby Shade1337 » 25 Dec 2017, 20:28

Morry Jimmus for the last thirty minutes of Christmas in EST!
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby loveporn6969 » 25 Dec 2017, 22:00

Technically late now by my time zone; but Merry Christmas everyone!
Notice Me Senpai! D:
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby Shittysoul » 25 Dec 2017, 22:10

I Wish a Smooth, warm and wet Christmas to all those pro-fappers out there :D

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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby hombresmokin » 25 Dec 2017, 22:14

Thank you for all your hard work in keeping this place running smoothly. This is my number one site for all my hentai needs. Seriously guys, you are all the best. Here’s for another year of good things.

Happy holidays and an even better New Year (end of cheesy post).
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby Melody » 26 Dec 2017, 07:04

Merry Christmas and thank you so much for this site.
Finally I found a page that can fulfill a girls desires.
Thanks to you I have access to all the pictures I need when I'm lying im my wet patch. Have a fappy and horny new year everybody <3
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby Luvless » 26 Dec 2017, 10:36

merry belated christmas x
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Re: Merry Christmas. :)

Postby GigaBait » 26 Dec 2017, 14:09

Merry "
", because I hate christmas. What's really the point of it? It's a day like any other.

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