Looking for a deleted doujinshi

Need help finding a certain Doujin? Know the content but not the name? Ask here!
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Looking for a deleted doujinshi

Postby Pie575 » 17 Mar 2019, 09:55

There was this one FAKKU doujin posted several months ago before all they were all taken down. It was one about a loli and her older brother. The loli wanted to get better at running track, so she and her brother would go practice running together. One day, the brother was busy with something, so the girl goes practicing on her own. While running around the neighborhood, an old fat man assaults her. The brother finds her and takes her back home but the fat man gets away. While at home, the loli insists that her brother clean her to help get rid of the feeling and they both end up having sex.

I don't really expect anyone to be able to find this doujin again, especially considering that this doujin was deleted. However, if anyone remembers the title or anything about it, it would be greatly appreciated. I just really liked that doujin and it would mean a lot if I got any information.

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