Looking for a doujin/artist that was on this website

Need help finding a certain Doujin? Know the content but not the name? Ask here!
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Looking for a doujin/artist that was on this website

Postby MaouOTWest » 08 Jun 2019, 13:16

Hi, I have been trying to find doujins by this artist on this website for what feels like a month. I know that they were on the website because i have every doujin they made on here mark as a favorite for me. Maybe I am blind or stupid but i can not find them. I am having a hard time remembering most of the doujins but i know one had something to do with a man liking his next door neighbor. I remember a few of the tags being anal and big ass. I think part of the story had her cook a lot of food for him and eventually i think the guy assaulted her but she was fine with it. I think it ended with her saying she has to make a lot of food for them to eat. please can anyone help me. This has been driving me nuts.

Edit: I think another tag was plump

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