Looking for a doujin

Need help finding a certain Doujin? Know the content but not the name? Ask here!
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Looking for a doujin

Postby ragde1208 » 09 Jun 2019, 02:32

Ill try to to describe it as clearly as i can

So, the story with a shrine maiden and a boy(MC) the boy is in love with the shrine maiden.. the shrine maiden have a duty to cleanse the villager by having sex with them. the boy didnt know about this situation because the the shrine maiden always keep the boy away when the duty time is near.. until the boy decided to know why the maiden is acting that way.. and the near end of the story the boy and the maiden decided to leave the village but the villager caught them and killed the boy but in the end they live peacefully with boy had a scar on his head saying that the bullet miss and just grazed his side of head...

ps.. as far as i remember the reason they escape and live is because when the maiden thought the boy was dead .. the maiden was so angry that there is a miracle happen almost like they anger the gods (its a open ending)

ps: the cleanse part was only a lie and made up only by the villagers to have sex with the maiden

ps; its like 50 + pages i guess

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Re: Looking for a doujin

Postby cunconcui » 14 Jun 2019, 11:56

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