Can't find it anymore :/

Need help finding a certain Doujin? Know the content but not the name? Ask here!
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Can't find it anymore :/

Postby DestroyerD » 09 Jun 2019, 08:10

Let me resume the stroy :
- A man meet a girl alf naked on the street looking for food
- He ask her where did she leave and she answer in the autel/temple, the man is thinkig she is joking and that he should prevent the police
- The girl cast a spell/mind controll on the man preventing him from moving, giving him a blowjob, he finally cum and already think is social life end here because he rape a child in public, then he turn out she's not a child anymore and have grown
- They go for a second round and the spell affecting the man turn him completely berserk untill he pass out
- When he wake up the girl is now back to her original form, a godness

Well, hope someone will find it, thanks in advance.

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