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Re: Donations

Postby mojojojo » 22 Mar 2016, 14:40

IvanNile wrote:Sir, much as I would like to help, my funds are limited and I don't know how to use Bitcoin - I've never had to interact with them before. If you could find me a tutorial and tell me where to send them, I'll see what I can do about the money.

Same. Can someone direct to a tutorial pls
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Re: Donations

Postby wiiu » 22 Mar 2016, 15:55

I'd donate if only bitcoin wasn't the only method of payment, bleh
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Re: Donations

Postby chippy » 22 Mar 2016, 17:53

Since others have been suggesting stuff like this, but I think those ideas are a little extreme, here we go: like others have said, make a patreon or something different BUT: say something along the lines of "I'm experimenting with running my own website, and I need help with server costs! Please help!

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Re: Donations

Postby deanscream » 22 Mar 2016, 22:26

Honestly, I want to donate, and I would, if I had the money. I'm not entirely against ad's on the website either, so long as they don't intrude upon the viewing experience.
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Re: Donations

Postby smokie2gogo » 22 Mar 2016, 22:55

Shirou wrote:
matchsticks wrote:i can't say i'm not pleased to see the ads go. made it hard to browse the site for me, seeing hetero ads next to the yaoi i was reading. i'll very happily donate once some non-bitcoin options appear.

out of curiosity, what was it that the ad people wanted removed from the site? was it a specific type of content or did it have to do with legal concerns?

They have problems with Loli and Shota, while Guro and violent rape is completely fine, of course.
And they have problems with hosting licensed content.

Really??!? There okay with violent rape and Guro but when loli and shota comes into place it's even worse??? I figured they would have said no to the whole
Damn website because of how
1.) genre relatied scary it is to real time (sometimes)
Or 2.) how great the stories are in each and every manga
O.o? I just find it weird

I'll try looking into the Bitcoin and donating some
Money but it's like what everybody been saying what's the proof that our money is going towards the website??? Will donators get an exclusive manga to read? Or what? I'm just curious to make sure all of our money goes into the development and long lasting of tsumino, because this is the only website I go to for anime porn (great story lines and subjects to choose from :3 )
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Re: Donations

Postby Seamandemon » 22 Mar 2016, 23:57

yo im fine with some advertisments if it helps you man.
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Re: Donations

Postby Nignogflig » 23 Mar 2016, 01:46

How did Pururin stay up for so long anyway? Can anything be learned from it, or was it just a losing battle from the start?
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Re: Donations

Postby Jaapster » 23 Mar 2016, 05:44

Thanks for putting the effort in creating this site. I Would love to donate, but like a lot of people in this thread, I don't do Bitcoin and I don't really want to. Hoping you can do an alternative.

Good luck.
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Re: Donations

Postby Cereal Guy » 23 Mar 2016, 07:53

smokie2gogo wrote:Money but it's like what everybody been saying what's the proof that our money is going towards the website???

I can assure you it's towards our server costs. We've burned over 200tb of bandwith this month. In the end, this is all just a game of trust.

edit: I'll look into setting up some sort of patreon page or something later today or tomorrow.
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Re: Donations

Postby hentfan3 » 23 Mar 2016, 09:47

I don't understand where the trust issue comes up , because they're instantly receiving something for their donation . You get a great ad-free website to view and download doujins ( without torrents ) and a great forum where issues and suggestions are actually addressed . If you can't see what you're getting for a small donation to keep this running , well I don't know what to tell you . What other sites offer the same for essentially nothing ?

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