Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby Ecchifeet » 12 Sep 2018, 04:23

It's not that I'm disguised by my fetishes I just don't share them with most people, because I know how they would react. Being into for example BDSM stuff has gotten fairly accepted, but as soon as you would tell someone that you are into feet, especially the ones of anime characters they would already be disguised even though that's the the most harmless thing I'm into... So. I'm not really ashamed or anything. I just don't see the point why I should make my life harder by telling anyone what I really like. I mean... the only person that really needs to know is my gf and she is at least equally as bad as I am xD

sehki wrote:Knowing the difference between fantasy and reality is what makes hentai so enticing to me, personally. Things I would definitely not do IRL, I can safely pursue in my mind through the medium of art that is hentai.

Well said. That's what I also think. Hentai is the perfect medium to explore different kind of fantasies (extrem or not) but they don't have to translate to the real world.
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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby SneekyPeaks » 16 Sep 2018, 00:21

Yeah I'm a lolicon, and to be honest I do get sexual feelings towards real little girls as well which is very bothersome. I know enough to not act on those feelings though, much like how I know enough to not just rape a woman because I have sexual feelings towards them. I also know enough to not actually tell people IRL about these fantasies and interests because of how I know that I will be treated.

I also have a pee fetish, a saliva fetish, and a mild puke fetish. I have a somewhat conflicted relationship to violent stuff but I absolutely adore what I'd call "loving violence". Like when the girl is a masochist and actually enjoys being treated roughly.

I'm not really ashamed of my fetishes but I'm very much afraid of people IRL finding out because that would likely get me ostracized.
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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby Ohbby » 17 Sep 2018, 18:26

Well this is an interesting and deeply psychological. You find the most strange things on a porn site lul. But yah im not exactly ashamed of mine. Honestly my inclusion of the loli tag in my sauce spread out from my desire for size difference and dominance to well, see smaller girls get bodied by uh larger dudes LOL. The drought of size difference or "petite" girl tag had me. Man this is awkward af to type. Its basically the same situation with Anal, I wanted to see some crazy-ish faces when they're getting rammed and due to the lack (or my in ability to search back in the day)
When one product is unavailable, you go to the next best thing. That's basically my situation here. So with that reasoning im completely fine with my fetishes, at least thats my mental gymnastics lul. And half of this is appealing because Hentai is Hentai. Its a world of psychedelic colors, nutting inside using no protection and misused hippie peace signs.
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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby fuzzworth » 19 Sep 2018, 10:48

Sometimes. I sure as hell wouldn't like anyone I know to ever find out about any of my fetishes, so I guess that means I'm pretty ashamed overall. Online, I think my tastes are comparatively tame though. Yuri, futa, and traps are some of my favorites. Classics. Weirdly, I'm up for some trap shota, but I absolutely cannot get into loli at all. Probably the thing I'm most ashamed of is being into sph and bbc.
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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby arkiefaust » 25 Sep 2018, 20:50

My fetish although ordinary it is... i'm still ashamed about it.. because that puts me in a very bad position among the normal people in this world... but still that's just who i am and who i have become... best way to deal with it is to be secretive and only share with like minded people (like most of you folks here)

as for my fetish... i like girls with long black hair... ponytails.. quite the big boobs (C cups above and below E Cups, i like it when it fits my hand) and others.. While i dislike incest, loli, shota, futa, furries, and yaoi i think...
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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby Tweety » 26 Sep 2018, 10:52

I am disappointed in all of you, we made the happy sex tag for a reason.
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Re: Are any of you ashamed of your fetishes?

Postby swordsman53 » 26 Sep 2018, 16:18

Tweety wrote:I am disappointed in all of you, we made the happy sex tag for a reason.

I make use of it. It sometimes doesn't mess too well with some of the 'darker' tags. That being said I absolutely love the lovey dovey stories.

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