What have I become? (2)

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What have I become? (2)

Postby DeadOps » 17 Feb 2018, 10:31

So it's me again. Yeah ... The guy who likes women with dicks. And this time I wanted to share this with you all.


When you see this, do not you feel like sucking it? And then fuck her madly?

Only I would do that? Or would you do it too?

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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby sehki » 17 Feb 2018, 12:34

Just a tip, Heh~ Use spoilers when posting large images in forum posts... you'll poke an eye out~ ;)

And yes. I would do naughty things to that rod of hers.
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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby StelasQT » 19 Feb 2018, 07:53

Maybe if it didn't look like a chick, but to each man's penis.
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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby Narovermind » 19 Feb 2018, 22:06

Maybe the fucking part, not so much sucking part.
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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby KiesAgent » 23 Feb 2018, 19:09

Hmm. If the girl has both a dick and a pussy (like how a lot of futas are) then I'll consider fucking her. If she only has a dick then I won't, because it would feel like fucking a tranny, so miss me with that gay shit.
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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby carero12 » 24 Feb 2018, 14:17

I thought that was normal ..Fuck, was I wrong ?
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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby Eyeshield21 » 06 Jun 2018, 22:13

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Re: What have I become? (2)

Postby tendedorange » 22 Jun 2018, 23:26

Honestly, sexuality is so broad that trying to define something as "normal" or not isn't really that important. Unless you're trying to fuck kids or animals, then you need to seek help.

If you're wondering if it's gay to fuck a pre op trans woman, then yeah, it's pretty gay.

But that's okay.


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