dolphine gangrape

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dolphine gangrape

Postby pokokuyo » 26 Apr 2018, 23:36

I read about dolphine stuff yesterday,now i wonder if there any doujin about dolphine gangrape,like demi-dolphine gangrape mermaid or something
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Re: dolphine gangrape

Postby Maukka » 19 May 2018, 07:14

it's very tame but this has dolphin bestiality in it ... ol-6-vol-6

Also in case you haven't tried it you could search for bestiality without any of the usual animals(though seems like there are a bunch that don't have the tags even when they should). ... lude~false)~(Type~'1~Text~'Dog~Exclude~true)~(Type~'1~Text~'Pig~Exclude~true)~(Type~'1~Text~'Horse~Exclude~true)~(Type~'1~Text~'Insect~Exclude~true)))#
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