A good story

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A good story

Postby Alice54 » 14 Jun 2018, 03:15

As the title suggest some good story with some great fucking anything goes
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Re: A good story

Postby Eyeshield21 » 14 Jun 2018, 08:37

Alice54 wrote:As the title suggest some good story with some great fucking anything goes

Depends on your Range of "good" but I'll take a shot And Introduce you to some works That are in my Collection ;)
Night After Night / 夜な夜な http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/25076/night-after-night-
After Hopping Out of the Bath http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/28647/after-hopping-out-of-the-bath-fakku-
Morning Kiss http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/29368/morning-kiss-fakku-
Flaring Up Together http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/19614/flaring-up-together-fakku-
Spring Morning Wood http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/20199/spring-morning-wood-fakku-
and if this isn't what you meant then maybe .
2 Balls into Marriage / 二球入婚 http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/13449/2-balls-into-marriage-
Thawing Love + Thawing Love ~Another Point~ / 雪解け恋慕 + 雪解け恋慕 Another Point http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/32756/thawing-love-thawing-love-another-point-another-point Kaiten Eigyouchuu / 快店営業中http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/6476/kaiten-eigyouchuu Sequel. afternoon tea~ / 快店営業中♥ ~afternoon tea~http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/25494/kaiten-eigyouchuu-afternoon-tea-afternoon-tea- Big Sister's Heart and Spring Sky / 姉貴心とハルの空http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/13310/big-sister-s-heart-and-spring-sky- and Maybe one more Sunny Drops / サニードロップスhttp://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/11176/sunny-drops- Okay you're all set , these were Hand picked from my catalog so do leave feedback do it's greatly appreciated.

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