Many many years ago on, a couple jogging girls get gangraped?

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Many many years ago on, a couple jogging girls get gangraped?

Postby XxSkyxX » 14 Jun 2018, 12:15

This is gonna be a weird one guys, but if anyone recognizes it I'll be forever grateful.

I once saw a doujin that started out with a couple of girls that seemed like they were out jogging? They could have also simply been on their way somewhere. Not sure what they were talking about because it was Japanese.

Suddenly one of the girls gets tackled back out of frame. By the time the other girl looks back to see what's going on, the girl that got tackled already has several cocks in her holes and getting gangbanged. Thre's then a frame of even more guys literally flipping onto the scene.

The un-tackled girl is scared and starts running away. However they catch her as well.

Then the weird part... I don't remember much more, but I do remember at the end that the guys have the girl's nipple stretched open and are pouring something into it, though she doesn't seem to mind at this point.

And that's all I recall. I know it's weird and not much to go on but that's why I've come to forums like this, hoping someone recognizes it. If nothing else, thank you for your time and have a good day.

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