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Pick one series for life

Postby RBDS » 25 Jun 2018, 06:31

Considering the variety of girls (and your favorites) in it as well as the quality and quantity of h doujins there have been of it, If you can only read doujins from one franchise for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
I listed the 9 options in the poll based on the most number of doujins made as specified in nhentai, but of course you can name your choice beside the available option 8-)
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Re: Pick one series for life

Postby lolineko69 » 25 Jun 2018, 08:38

i'd pick kancolle, even though i don't even play the game and dropped the anime at ep.1
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Re: Pick one series for life

Postby Dante » 25 Jun 2018, 17:32

Love Live, i've never watched it either but i know it by hentai only lol
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Re: Pick one series for life

Postby Maukka » 26 Jun 2018, 02:02

This is tough, Touhou Project has bunch of really nice stuff even though I have no idea about it, Fate has Kotori and some other nice ones but I feel like overall not that interesting, NGE would be my first instinct since I like the original work most of the options but thinking about it I'm having trouble recalling any NGE doujin that I've actually liked, Nanoha could be nice too since some of my favorite doujins are about that, Sailor Moon seems like it might be nice though I haven't read that many things based on it.

I guess I'll just go with Touhou.
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Re: Pick one series for life

Postby anotherperv » 26 Jun 2018, 15:43

touhou for variety. I haven't watched or played or anything'd any of those franchises.
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Re: Pick one series for life

Postby Moopyfloop » 04 Jul 2018, 05:25

Monogatari series. Shinobu for life. ;)

Tho I'm only saying that because of this god damn masterpiece: http://www.tsumino.com/Book/Info/15118/netoraregatari-

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