Artist Recommendations?

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Artist Recommendations?

Postby HJNosyt » 15 Jul 2018, 04:31

So, I've just started reading doujins and I know that people have favourite artists. Could someone recommend me some? My favourite genres are loli, incest and yuri... :D
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby Tweety » 15 Jul 2018, 13:49

noise noise noise
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby Eyeshield21 » 15 Jul 2018, 16:37

Mizone he got interesting monster girl stuff oh and z-ton as well oh wait
Kazuhiro with his elves you can give him a try
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby Korde » 15 Jul 2018, 17:07

Amanagi Seiji
Tomoki Tomonori
Yukino Minato
Kishiri Towuru

Tweety wrote:noise noise noise

Yeah. It's safe to ignore whatever this little birdy says. Breasts the size of watermelons on a so-called loli is NOT what you should be reading right now.
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby Dante » 22 Jul 2018, 18:16

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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby yriok » 22 Aug 2018, 09:52

Sasamori Tomoe
Shiwasu No Okina
Koyanagi Royal
Aoi Hitori

Everyone of them are SOLID GOLD
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby Maukka » 26 Aug 2018, 23:42

Awatake does amazing wandering around naked in the countryside stuff.
Akai Mato makes femdom/orgasm control stories way better than I thought possible.
Shinoda Kazuhiro has a really unique taken on bondage and such(also tends to be yuri).
Pedocchi does very nice breast expansion/feeding (he hasn't had his best stuff(all chs of Dairy Cow Girl Kaori) uploaded to tsumino so you might want to look him up here or here)
Kaimeiji Yuu Does very interesting human pet stories, it took me a while to realize that they didn't even have any real sex in them(Harem Academy in particular is great) (also not much on tsumino so look here or here)
Chijoku An has very nice and interesting ideas about infantilism and femdom that make her(or his) works worth reading even if the art and story structure of them is somewhat lacking.
Mayonnaise does interesting societal stuff about what kind of sexy changes to society could happen.
Murasame Maru has a thing for pregnant lolis with tattoos.
Ruuen Rouga's Tamashii No Kusari and Alchemy no Shizuku are both pretty long and with a surprisingly good story both also have some gender-bending in them.
Yoshiie does emotionless sex rather nicely.
RH Minus makes guro funny.
John K. Pe-ta draws some pretty ridiculous situations.

While I don't remember any real details about why I think so but the following are the names that for some reason sound promising to me in a loli manga
Himeno Mikan
Miyahara Mimikaki
Ueda Yuu
Okada Kou

How could I forget Kurisu his stuff is great but not sure how to describe them maybe as stories with lies about sex but it doesn't have to be lies and it seems a bit more specific than about sex.
Nanashi does some interesting stuff.
Shizuki Shuya does some weird petrification stuff The Kindergarten Teacher Doll in particular got me interested in his stuff.
Izumi Yuujiro does the Kotori series which is pretty good for a tentacles and such focused story.
it's been a long time since I saw anything new from Bow Rei so I didn't mention him at first but if you haven't read his Secret Flower Garden you definetly should unless you hate stories about tentacles/parasites. Also Kurita Yugo has done some pretty nice bestiality stuff.
Rebis and Dulce Q make the best futanari stuff, at least that's what I feel as someone not that into futas.
I mentioned Ruuen Rouga as having gender-bender stuff but for works focused on that I think Katou Jun and Maruneko do a better job.

Anyway I assume your mention of preferences didn't mean you wouldn't read or get interested in anything else.
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby lolineko69 » 27 Aug 2018, 06:45

Maukka wrote:Mayonnaise does interesting societal stuff about what kind of sexy changes to society could happen.

i love Mayonnaise's works and story lines like that
similar to these ... day-fakku- ... akku-book- ... -want-sex-

i also love 774 / Nanashi as well, and Naked Princess Honoka, waiting for part 4!
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Re: Artist Recommendations?

Postby DiceOL » 09 Sep 2018, 03:44

Nozi is pretty good as well.

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