Happy sex lover are infesting tsumino

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Re: Happy sex lover are infesting tsumino

Postby anotherperv » 01 Aug 2018, 18:43

Have you compared the average rating of horror movies to basically any other genre? usually a decent amount lower so it's kind of a silly parallel to draw.
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Re: Happy sex lover are infesting tsumino

Postby kinoanime » 02 Aug 2018, 08:53

Hi, I'm a new comer << Part of the problem XD

Tsumino is one of few site that have Vanilla or Happy sex tag so that why we all here.

Beside the search in this site is amazing and you can make lists too :) so you can filter out anything you don't like and get what you want and you can filter out manga base on anime or other shit I don't like Hentai that base on other things, I can see the problem really if the site have everything and the search system is great and you can make lists to share What the problem?
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Re: Happy sex lover are infesting tsumino

Postby self » 11 Aug 2018, 22:14

Forgunia wrote:Captn9087, you're missing the point. Nobody forces them to read those manga. It's like going to the cinema to see a horror movie while you already know you hate horror movies and then afterwards giving it a low rating because it's a horror movie. You do realize how silly that is, don't you?

All mangas on tsumino have more than one tag and the distinction between genre is blurry in the media. If we take an example, we can read both the same manga because we search different thing in it. I can read it as a strap-on hentai and you can read it as a rape hentai. You can give it a good review for the good representation of your fetish and I can give it a poor one because I see it as a bad representation of my fetish.
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Re: Happy sex lover are infesting tsumino

Postby DiceOL » 09 Sep 2018, 03:42

I love happy sex, but I can see the issue you speak of. Generally, one should only rate what you are familiar with and what you like. Someone who can read a bunch of NTR and distinguish which ones are good and bad WITHOUT preconceived bias, they are the ones who should rate NTR. But really, we can't do anything because the voting system is for everyone

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