some thoughts about Yuzuki N Dash

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some thoughts about Yuzuki N Dash

Postby lolineko69 » 04 Sep 2018, 13:40

Yuzuki N Dash
One of my most favorite incest doujin creators, i'm probably late to the party but i just found out she's a girl?! i've always though Yuzuki N Dash was a virgin dude in their late 20's or mid 30's with a sister fetish, the usual stereotype but i was wrong... no wonder her incest doujins don't follow the same patterns or rather have a different overall feeling than other incest doujins, no surprise now that the female characters in her doujins have more detailed reactions, detailed? or maybe more convincing reactions than other doujins, but now what i'm wondering is, so is she a brocon? or did she just happen to pick incest as a topic of her doujins for another reason? does she even have a Brother IRL? if so, what does he think of her works? or does he even know about it? i know it sounds like petty gossip about other people's private lives but i'm just curious, no harm intended.

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