some thoughts on FB Profiles

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some thoughts on FB Profiles

Postby lolineko69 » 28 Dec 2018, 06:36

Facebook profiles... where do i start, i guess i'll just write the gist of my rant before i ramble on and on. When looking at other people's lives or rather activities/posts on Facebook, it always looks like they're living better lives than you, it kinda makes you sad BUT then you look at your own Facebook profile, you realize that the Facebook version of your life/activities look better than you remember them to be. you realize that other people looking at your own Facebook page might be thinking the same, that you're living life better than them. i guess most people's Facebook page is just an idealized version of what you want other people to see, not the reality. i don't have any profound realizations, nothing like that, most people already know that but this is really the first time i gave that any thought.

anyway, here goes my rant or rather the story of how i even got started on this thought. yesterday i got a friend invite from some girl on facebook but i just don't remember her, her name, her face, no matter how hard i try i just can't remember her but i looked at her "about" page and it says she went to the same highschool as me so i just assumed we where classmates back in highschool. took me a while realize who she was because back in highschool she was a total nerd! like what you imagine a nerd should look like, she had glasses, a dorky smile, unattractive hairstyle, plain clothing, plain face, like one of those exaggerated nerd characters in Movies from 10-20 years ago. but now she looks really cute, she changed so much that i couldn't recognize her, back then she looked so plain and nerdy but now she looks really cute and pretty sexy too or maybe she always was, i just didn't know because back then it seemed like her grandma picks her dresses, now in her facebook pics, she's wearing skimpy anime costumes. she's also into anime cosplay which also made it harder for me to realize who she was because back then she wasn't into anime, she was a really studious girl, she was always buried in books so it was hard to recognize her and aside from the fact that most of her pictures are her wearing anime costumes. anyways, i hadn't really opened facebook in a long time before that so after i recognized her, accepted her invite, i browsed my other "friends" facebook feeds. so that's how i got to this train of thought, their lives looks so exciting while i'm just here with a plain life, then i looked at my own facebook feed and i realized my life doesn't look so plain after all, at least through the "Facebook Lens".

if you managed to read this far then you might be thinking to yourself, what's the point of this? i don't really have a point i guess, i'm just rambling as usual. :lol:
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Re: some thoughts on FB Profiles

Postby DiceOL » 12 Jan 2019, 03:36

People will always highlight the exciting bits of their lives on social media because nobody cares about the boring and mundane.

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