Looking for a doujin

Need help finding a certain Doujin? Know the content but not the name? Ask here!
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Looking for a doujin

Postby One1 » 17 Apr 2019, 01:53

May or may not have been a Fakku releases, I honestly don't remember, but any help is appreciated.

Basically the MC Gets together with the Ex-wife and Daughter of the Guy that his wife cheated on him with. They film themselves having sex and plan to send it to their exes as revenge, but at the end, they decide not to send it and decide to move forward with their new lives together. Im pretty sure both the mother and daughter end up pregnant by him
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Re: Looking for a doujin

Postby 00stuhl » 17 Apr 2019, 06:46

Should be [Polinky] Revenge Porn

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