What we plan to build with funding (all the cool new stuff we'll all have!)

Real-time notifications when an entry with your favorite tag(s) come out
Native iOS & Android Applications with offline capabilities (save books on your phone and keep a personal library!)
More advanced search features to help you find books easier
Video section with streamable 1080p entries (desktop+mobile)
A shiny new web app for reading your doujinshi painlessly
A blazing fast new server infastructure to power tsumino

Why should you help out and contribute? (other than being a freeloader)

Tsumino is paid for out of /pocket/ so /YOU/ can use it for free
Server costs are rising as we grow. We're struggling to keep up and survive
One developer maintains the entire project by sacrificing his personal time/life for free
We love our users. We take feedback. We serve /YOU/ and build for /YOU/
We deliver quality. (OK. WE TRY. GIVE US A BREAK)
Mostly... We won't survive if we can't afford to take care of the financial needs of our infastructure

But, we can't do any of these things without any funding.

Help us achieve our goal. Together as a community we can build a revolutionary platform.

Join us. You dream. We build.

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