Tsumino is the go-to site for all your latest Doujinshi needs. Designed to be extremely responsive on any platform, Tsumino will be updating you every day with the latest releases of Doujins. With over 200 tags, thousands of Doujins with variety and over 3000 different artists, Tsumino is aiming to be the last Doujin reading website you'll ever need.

Our main goal is to allow users to read and enjoy the Tsumino experience with little to no effort, having a clean design that ensures nothing gets in the way of your 'reading'. Tsumino is a 100% completely AD FREE, free website with no subscription/premium service. 100% free, anyone can walk in and check out the content we host.

Currently, the small community we currently have is growing. Feel free to join in with discussions in the forum. Feedback, suggestions and any comments you have regarding Tsumino will be addressed accordingly, our primary goal is to have a reader that can meet our user’s standards, and this won't be possible without your voice!

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