Tsumino Mobile App
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Current Version: #20200427.1

For iOS (Apple) Users

For iOS users we recommend installing APPCAKE / IPHONECAKE to side load the app.
  1. Install APPCAKE from their official website
  2. Download IPA (on phone) by clicking here or the link on top
  3. Load IPA through APPCAKE

For Android Users

Download the APK and install it by clicking here or the link on top


This is the a beta version of our completely native mobile app. As of now it is just a demo that we are letting users play with. It is completely ad-free and incorporates most (if not, then all) features of our web application.

The mobile application provides a much more premium experience compared to our website. Smoother animations, transitions and user interaction is done here.

(For users that don't understand the point of this app: we like to make the comparison to Youtube Mobile vs Youtube Mobile Website)